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From storing, cleaning, drying, grinding and rolling your grains to animal health, farming supplies and water softeners—we go above and beyond to accommodate your needs.


Available for your grains: Soybeans, Corn, Oats and Barley.


We have a small grains cleaner to clean oats, wheat and rye to make planting as efficient as possible.


Corn drying to help get the harvest off in the fall and get the commodity into storage or off to market.


We use roller grinder processing to process your grains into feed suitable for your operation whether TMR or top dress feeding.


Rolling is also an option for grain processing to fit into your feed ration for your cattle.

Custom Mixing:

Our facility has one 6-ton mixer, one 3-ton mixer dedicated to texturized feed and one 2-ton mixer to blend everything from feed to mineral.


Custom roasting able by appointment with a state of the art Thermo-Pro Heat Processor, which can process from 6 to 12 tons per hour at competitive rates. All beans are steeped to allow full benefit of bypass protein.

Seed Treatment:

We offer seed treatment for the crops of soybeans, wheat and special treatments of corn.

Dairy Nutritional Consulting:

We have full-time Feed Consultants who can help you balance your rations to get the maximum return out of your cattle. We are on the cutting edge using the latest technologies in digestibility for the dairy industry to maximize feed efficiency.

Farm Supplies:

We have a wide variety of products that can be used around the farm including brooms, scrapers, shovels, forks, hooks, and replacement handles. Tags for cattle identification are in stock or specific sizes, types, and numbers can be ordered for your personalized operation.

Animal Health:

We have various animal health products such as penicillin, a variety of vaccines, injectable vitamins, pour-on wormer (Cydectin), and other items for herd health.

Hard Water Treatment:

We stock 3 types of bagged softener salt: Solar salt, Resingard pellets, or Iron-out pellets for high iron conditions. Brine blocks can also be used depending on your set up.

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