Calf Starter feeds, every farm has one and every farm has an opinion on them...
What’s right? What’s wrong?

There has been a lot of research done on calf starter feeds along with pushes from the “big companies” with opinion on what formula or texture is truly better for the calf.  Calf Starters reminds us of the latest diet crazes; one blog you read carbs are good the other one it will say carbs are bad, high protein for muscle building, only eat organic and the list goes on.  Our calf starter is a texturized mix that is 18% protein, low in starch, and high in digestible fiber with Rumensin and flavor added with extreme batch consistency.  We have done many on farm trials which have compared complete feeds as well as starters from our competitors.  It has proven that calves tend to go after our Calf Starter earlier due to the flavor and moisture which results in them eating more consistently.  Your end result will show that the calves grow just as fast and will yield as much in the 1st lactation as they would on another competitor’s starter.  

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Or let us customize a calf starter for your operation packaging can range from 50# bags,100# bags, totes, and bulk.